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About National Solar Repository of Singapore (NSR)

The National Solar Repository of Singapore ("NSR") has gone through a major revamp during 2014 and is again available to the local photovoltaic (PV) community and the general public in Singapore.

The NSR initiative originally started in late 2010 with the main goal of evaluating public and private sector PV test-bed sites in Singapore to help proliferate best practices and know-how of system installation in a tropical climate.

The NSR goals, now revised and adapted to today's Singapore PV landscape, are as follows:

  • Be the information platform for solar PV in Singapore;
  • Sign-up and track the majority of the PV systems in Singapore;
  • Compile energy generation values from PV systems, creating continuous benchmark levels for system performance in Singapore both on a monthly and a yearly basis;
  • Derive and promote best practices for PV systems in hot and humid conditions such as the one found in Singapore;
  • Provide interested users with Singapore weather data in real time, including a full 2D live irradiance map of the entire island;
  • Promote solar energy in Singapore to a wider audience, from adopters to professionals and the general public.

NSR 2.0 seeks to be an enabler for the growth of solar energy in Singapore by helping interested individuals, and companies to learn about PV and supporting existing system owners in their asset management. All activities under NSR 2.0 aim to promote solar PV as a trusted source of electricity for the Singapore energy mix.

As NSR is re-launched to the public in October 2014 during the Singapore Energy Week, we would like to warmly welcome back former PV system owners from "NSR 1.0" in order to re-insert them into the database. Additionally, we also sincerely extend the invitation for participation in this initiative to new PV systems which have been recently deployed in the country.

As "NSR 2.0" develops, we will be launching new features and would also like to seek your opinion on the several sections of the website.

Join us in the solar energy revolution of the future for Singapore!

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