7 Engineering Drive 1, Block E3A, #06-01

Sky Cameras

SERIS conducts research on solar irradiance forecasting for PV applications. That means it studies ways of knowing the future value of irradiation reaching the surface of Singapore ahead of time, in several different time horizons, such as 15 minutes ahead, a few hours, or up to one day ahead.

Such research will be important for a future where solar PV and fossil fuel electricity generation must co-exist, thus it is important to know the potential PV system power output ahead of time, so that the base load electricity generation in Singapore can be properly managed.

One of the methods under study for solar irradiance forecasting is the use of sky cameras to track cloud motion throughout Singapore. The video here shows a time lapse of one day of clouds moving above the NUS campus.

Today, we have 6 cameras deployed around Singapore at the places pictured above. Feel free to explore these images and to compare them to the live irradiance map of Singapore. Images are available from 7 am to 7 pm daily.