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Here you will find relevant information about the solar photovoltaic scene in the country, including systems description, meteorological information, solar industry contacts and much more.

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Percentage of
total installed capacity in Singapore
signed up with NSR
Energy generated in September 2016 by systems enrolled in NSR which have already reported their past month data, equivalent to 86.65 tonnes of CO2

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Local Weather

Located just north of the equator, Singapore has a tropical climate and stays hot and humid throughout the year. Temperatures average around 31° C (88° F) during the day with little seasonal variation, although it is slightly cooler in December and January, and hottest in April and May. Temperatures are unlikely to dip below 23° C (74° F) at night; the lowest temperature ever recorded was just over 19° C (66° F).

Get Singapore current weather reports and conditions including temperature, wind direction, wind speed in real-time here.

Solar Irradiance Map

Solar Irradiance is measured base on how much solar power is being consolidated over different parts of Singapore. The irradiance varies throughout the year depending on the seasons. It also varies throughout the day, depending on the position of the sun in the sky, and the weather.

These graphs shows the real-time Solar Irradiance.

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Sky Camera

Sky cameras are deployed around various parts of Singapore. These cameras serve as a tracking device for the activities of the cloud motion all over Singapore. Sky cameras is one of the methods under study for solar irradiance forecasting.

Feel free to explore the images and compare them to the live irradiance map of Singapore.

Map of Systems

Check out the amount of solar energy being recorded via the maps of systems all over Singapore.

Photo Gallery